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boredom on sick days

i’ve been off work, sick, for the last two days. it doesn’t take long to get bored. i feel bad if i try and do housework/any kind of work, because i’m supposed to be too sick to go to out to work, so why should i be able to do it home? (most customers probably wouldn’t particularly enjoy me sneezing into their coffee or paninis though, i’d imagine)

so, i was sat on my bed staring out of my window as i had been for the last half-hour, feeling restless and useless and too hot, as my temperature keeps flailing around all over the place, when a massive jumbo jet of a pigeon lands on the tree directly outside my window.

he’s not facing me at first, and as it’s the most interesting thing to have happened outside, apart from the branches swaying somewhat in the wind, i watch interestedly as he grooms himself (is that the right word for a bird having a wash?), and am fascinated that such a massively fat pigeon hasn’t fallen off the tiny twig of a branch he’s perched on, when he turns to face my way. i keep very still so as not to spook him, and like a nosy neighbour he begins to peer in through the window. he then promptly took one look at me, turned back around again, and pooped.

should i be offended by this? was he so scared of my appearance (i am a sight for sore eyes with my bed hair, walking dead t-shirt and unbelievably baggy trackies) that he just shat himself out of fear? or was he so disgusted with the pathetic lump that he saw, and not being able to speak english decided that poo was the only way he could get the message across that i should just man up and get on with it?

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